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Training in CBA for CCA

This project aims to create online courses and in-person training for stakeholders in Cost Benefits Analysis for Climate Change Adaptation. It is led by the Technical University of Denmark along with partners from business, local consultancy, city networks and EIT Climate-KIC online education.

Cost Benefit Analysis is a tool to help decision-makers evaluate climate adaptation projects. Indeed, it provides economic estimates of the balance between the costs of implementing climate change adaptation and the benefits of reducing damages of climate change. The participants to this course will be provided with an introduction to specific tools for assessing weather and climate extreme events and their adaptation options.

The project is set out to achieve the objective (i) making a demand assessment of the specific local needs in relation to CBA training, and; (ii) developing an online training module in “Cost Benefit Analysis For Climate Change Adaptation and Sustainable Flood Water Management In Cities”.


Better learning material regarding Cost Benefit Analysis will lead to better decision-making. Overall, this will help improve storm water management and measures for flood protection, disaster management and public awareness of climate extremes.