Enjay Filtration - Lepido

Energy recovery in restaurant ventilation

Enjay Filtration’s technology, Lepido, reduces the CO2 emission with 75 per cent (or 30 tonnes) for mid-sized restaurants, and enables energy savings of about 300,000 kWh per year. The investment in an average energy recovery system costs around €200,000, with a customer return on investment within as little as three years.

Combining 25 years of experience with air cleaning for commercial kitchen ventilation and 40 years of experience with complex energy systems, the team behind Enjay Filtration has developed the first energy recovery unit that works for commercial kitchen ventilation.
Due to the aggressive environment in the exhaust air from restaurants, the market has not been able to find a robust solution for energy recovery that works over time—until now. Enjay’s energy recovery unit will enable a net saving of 300,000 kWh of heating and 200,000 kWh of cooling, by utilizing the energy in the exhaust air from a mid sized restaurant.

The energy can be distributed within the building to where it is most needed. Only in Sweden there are 25,000 restaurants. With only one per cent of Swedish restaurants equipped with Enjay’s energy unit, the total savings in fossil CO2 would be up to 12.5 million tonnes. In Germany, there are 250,000 restaurants, in France 370,000, illustrating the potential.