System Mapping of Nordic Alternative Protein Industry Workshop

26 Nov 2018

Climate-KIC supported workshop will map out the political, scientific and legal landscape around sustainable alternatives to imported soy as source of protein for food and feed.

Monday 26th – Tuesday 27th November 2018
The University of Copenhagen, Department of Food and Resource Economics
olighedsvej 23, 1958, Frederiksberg
Copenhagen, Denmark


Systems Mapping Workshop

On Monday and Tuesday 26-27th The Department of Food and Resource Economics will host a System Mapping workshop gathering relevant Nordic players within the field to map out the possibilities for developing a Nordic Alternative Protein Industry. The aim this workshop is to map the alternative protein ecosystem in the Nordic region, to position and identify main stakeholders, industry actors, relevant policy actions and challenges to define and engage partners in innovation activities regarding the diversification of protein sources. The workshop is supported by EIT Climate-KIC in collaboration with the Regional Nordic Hub under the Climate-Smart Agriculture Booster.

Agenda System Mapping of Nordic Alternative Protein Industry

Monday 26th of November
12:00   Welcome and lunch together
13:00   Brief introduction to the Regional Nordic Hub
13:10   Introduction to the day Introductions from participants and their priorities
13:30   Context setting by Stephanie Draper from Forum for the Future Introduction 
14:00  Coffee and treat break
14:20  Mapping the alternative protein system in the Nordic 
15:30  Break
15:45  Exploring the actors and agencies in the system (group work) 
16:45  Initial exploration of the priorities
18:00  Dinner

Tuesday 27th of November
09:00  Introduction to day two
09:10  Review and development of the priority areas
10:30  Short coffee and treat break
10:45  Building action plans for the priorities
12:15  Summing up and thanks
12:30  Close