Professional cycling education – Become a cycling change agent

Lund, Sweden & Copenhagen, Denmark
22 - 23 September 2020

Become a change agent and support the systemic shift to more cycling by learning about successful cycling innovations and change management.

About the course

This professional education opportunity is about understanding how to support a systemic shift to more cycling. We have the tools and the good examples, but how can we:

  • Contextualise them?
  • Communicate about the need?
  • Support the shift to more cycling-friendly planning?

The aim of the course is to give a broad and deeper knowledge about practical cycle planning. Participants will develop skills needed to accelerate the implementation of cycling innovations by exchanging knowledge between cycling experts. Moreover, participants will:

  • Understand how those working with cycling (participants within the course but also others) can be change agents that support a systemic change in how transport planning is done
  • Equip participants with new ideas and links to resources that support systemic change in their organisations towards low-carbon active mobility
  • For participants to view innovations “in practice” and understand how they can be implemented in other geographies / contexts
  • Build capacity among participants regarding cycling innovations but also change management and scaling successful results

The target group includes those involved in the cycling innovation community: public authority representatives and cycle planners, cycling project initiators, consultants and researchers. The course is for an international audience and will be held in English.

When and Where?

  • 22 of September 2020 in Lund, Sweden
  • 23 of September 2020 in Copenhagen, Denmark


600 EUR (500 EUR for Climate-KIC partners and alumni, public institutions and NGOs)

Where to sign up?

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