Meet the Green Investors

Oslo, Norway
24 Sep 2018

Oslo Innovation Week 2018

Meet the green investors and the promising “clean-ups” and growth companies. Competent and experienced, green investors share knowledge about what they are looking for in a promising green growth company on stage and in match making. How do start-ups and growth companies succeed with the commercialization phase and establish themselves as competitive market players? This event aims to give you valuable input and perspectives on this question.

A meeting place for growth companies and investors in the sustainable and renewables sector, the event seeks to provide investors and major industry leaders with an overview of “clean-ups” and contact with promising green growth companies in Norway and Europe.   

The main objective of this event is to trigger a greater part of the innovation potential in Norway by

  1. Connecting large, capital-strong companies with smaller niche companies and growth companies
  2. Connecting competent and experienced individuals with investment willingness with entrepreneurs and start-ups

Programme: Meet the Green Investors 

07:30 Breakfast for champions

08:00 Welcome to “Green Capital” Oslo Innovation Week Edition by Mali Hole Skogen director, OREEC and Lars Gjølme, EIT Climate-KIC Nordic.

08:15 “Green investments and IP – creating and destroying values” Espen Sandvik and Andreas Nordby, partners Arntzen de Besche Law Firm

08:30 Get to know the Global Business Angel Club by Steinar Hoel Korsmo, CEO- Seed Forum

08:50 “What are we looking for?” Kristin Aamodt, Managing Director Equinor Technology Ventures

9:10 Florence Korhonen Chairman, Nordic Female Business Angels Network (NFBAN).

09:30 Anders H. Lier, Executive Chairman Nordic Impact

09:50 Ida Stuve, DNB Ventures 

10:15 Silvija Seres, President Polytechnic Association and assosiate partner in technorocks.com

10:45 – 12:45 Matchmaking Investors – Companies.

13:00 Oslo Innovation Week Official Opening at Oslo Rådhus (City Hall)