EAT Forum Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden
11 June

The World’s Leading Platform for Global Food Transformation, EAT Forum, will take place in Stockholm, Sweden on 12-13 June 2019. The annual forum gathers top global leaders from science, politics, business, civil society and beyond and seeks to drive progress, share knowledge and help coordinate action across sectors and disciplines to embrace solutions that will transform the global food system.

Unlocking the Alternative Protein Market – side event

The EAT-Lancet report brings to life the need for a rapid shift in diets and in agricultural practices. The access to sustainable alternative proteins will be a key driver of human and planetary health when we are to feed ten billion people in the future. With inspiration from leaders in the market, we will explore and understand the barriers and underlying trends, mindsets and structures that need to be shifted in order to enable alternative proteins to scale in the market and unlock transformative scale fast.

For further information, please contact Pernille Martiny Modvig (Pernille.martiny-modvig@climate-kic.org)